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Burnt Sacrifice BBQ Sauces

Made with Brown Sugar, Real Molasses and Real Honey.

It's all natural with No MSG, No Preservatives, No Gluten, No High Fructose Corn Sweetener, No Transfats, and No Cholesterol. We got rid of the junk to make room for more of the good stuff.

You can smell the spices and the vinegar as you pop the lid. It smells like you thought a real BBQ sauce always should have. Not too vinegary, but not sweet like candy either. You put some on the meat and its so thick that it just stays on when you spread it around. And when you put it on the grill or under the broiler it doesnt catch fire like the cheap grocery store sauces - it sizzles and carmelizes providing you that competition BBQ glaze on your meat that you always knew you should have. That's what you get with real brown sugar, molasses, and honey.

And when you bite into the meat your labors are rewarded with incredible flavors from genuine spices. Like a revelation you find that its what you thought it would be, but also so many other flavors are there to meet the meat that you have a surprise in every bite.

The sauces are really all about the progress of the soul. First you start with Saint's Sauce which is our regular sauce. The saints are then tried with Fiery Trials which is very hot, and then when you have lived your life you go to the Judgment Day which is 300% habanero heat. A lot of people will sweat on that Great Day, but for others it will be sweet and jubilant. So I just mixed those both together.

Saint's Sauce - Original Style - Sweet & Sassy

Sweet and flavorful. It's what you expect from a gourmet BBQ sauce with a few delightful surprises.

Fiery Trials - Very Hot - Fire purifies the soul

You can feel the real heat, but you can still taste the great flavor!

Judgment Day - 400% Habanero Heat
Wrathfully hot, but flavorful

Get ready to sweat. For some the Judgment Day will be a very sweet time with a lot of rewards... But for others it will be very hot for a long time... So I put both of them together! Are you ready for the Judgment? It's not so hot that it will paralyze your tongue but you will feel the burning love.

So fire up your grill or oven, humble yourself and say a little prayer to your Maker, and get ready to have something really different. Heavenly things are for Heavenly people!

Free Shipping on orders of $40 or more!